Technical Lead, Backend
Technical Lead
$7600 SGD/month (Gross)
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The company architecture is to allow immediacy of creation, sharing of and collaboration on content, experience and playing. All football fans and professionals will be both users and creators. Football on the company is also an outlet for those who seek creative and commercial interests.


In the role of Technical Lead, Backend at our company, you will join an agile team. Your responsibilities include guiding a team of 4 engineers in developing back-end services/APIs.

As the Technical Lead, your time will be evenly split between coding and managing your team. Your duties encompass collaborating with Senior Engineers for high-level solution design, working alongside Mid-Junior Engineers for upcoming sprints, conducting code reviews, and applying your methodological and technical knowledge to assist your team in intensive problem-solving. Additionally, you’ll be involved in creating reusable components, libraries, and methodologies for the product with the objective to drive towards standard infrastructure tooling and configuration across our organization.

You’ll set the shape of backend vertical moving forward. We welcome your expertise on best practices for database management, server-side scripting, and API governance capability.

  • Evaluate the backend architecture, identifying areas for enhancement and scalability. Develop a strategic roadmap for implementing these improvements to optimize performance and security.
  • Oversee the daily operations of the backend team, ensuring high-quality code development in Typescript and Node.js. Manage timelines and project deliverables, coordinating effectively with other teams to meet deadlines.
  • Collaborate with Front-End, Android, and iOS team leads to ensure seamless integration of backend services. Focus on creating robust APIs and backend systems that are compatible across different platforms.
  • Foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement, sharing knowledge and best practices.
  • Implement and uphold best practices in backend development, particularly in Typescript / Node.js. This includes rigorous code reviews, comprehensive testing (unit, integration, and end-to-end), and thorough documentation to maintain code quality and facilitate future maintenance.

Must-Have Requirements:

  • We work in a hybrid first environment, so strong communication as well as a proven ability to work within a remote team are highly desirable qualities.
  • Experience in developing and maintaining serverless solutions and API designs.
  • Improve and extend interfaces implementing efficient architectures.
  • Demonstrated skills in teamwork, adaptability, proactivity, effective communication, and organizational abilities.
  • Commitment to high-quality testing: strict standards for unit, integration, and component testing as needed.

Bonus Requirements:

  • Expertise in back-end development, specifically Typescript / Node.js, with a preference for the Nest.js framework.
  • Familiarity or knowledge of MySQL, DynamoDB, CI/CD pipelines, and AWS infrastructure
    services (serverless architecture).
  • Experience in developing real-time communication solutions: WebSocket, SocketIO or AWS AppSync.
  • Experience with AWS cloud environments: RDS (Aurora), Lambda, CDN, API Gateway.
  • Experience with infrastructure as code solutions: Terraform, AWS SAM.
Interview Process

Round 1: Inspius Screening

  • English Test (15-20 minutes)
  • Home Assignment

Round 2: Interview with Singapore Employer

  • HR Interview
  • Technical Interview
  • Leadership Interview
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