Where to find a remote software engineer job for Singapore tech companies?

Remote work trends don’t seem to be slowing down in 2022. For Vietnam software engineers, Singapore’s ICT industry is an excellent market for those looking to advance their careers to the next level. The critical question is: where can a Vietnamese software engineer find a remote job for Singapore companies? Here are three ways to land a remote software engineer job with a Singapore tech firm.

Job Portals

Below are websites where you can find a remote IT job, particularly in Singapore:

Job portals can be both a pro and con when it comes to finding open positions. You can quickly identify companies and open positions by entering the keyword software engineer or software developer using a job board’s search tools, and you’ll find many opportunities right at your fingertips.

On the other hand, while you’ll find numerous opportunities, all the other job seekers have the same search accessibility, increasing your competition for the most appealing jobs. It can also be time-consuming when you have to spend hours filtering the position that might be a good fit for you and checking the information about the companies, products, and culture.


LinkedIn is a professional networking tool that facilitates effortless communication between employees, peers, businesses, and consumers. While LinkedIn is much more than a job board, one of its most important features is its job search functionality.

Companies pay to have their jobs posted so you can trust the positions are legitimate and serious. You can learn about potential employers by reviewing their LinkedIn activities. Join Groups to find and connect with industry professionals and find related job opportunities under a Group’s ‘jobs’ tab.

LinkedIn has over 690 million professionals, so there is fierce competition in the applicant pool when applying for a hot job. To stand out from the crowd, you need to polish up your LinkedIn profile to catch the eyes of the recruiter. It also takes your time digging a lot more to find which opportunities fit you best. Furthermore, because LinkedIn jobs do not publish salaries, it will be challenging to determine which job has the best compensation for your needs.

Inspius Viet Nam

Inspius is a third party that can help create opportunities for Vietnamese developers to work for tech companies in Singapore. 

When compared to other channels for finding remote software engineer jobs, Inspius is different because:

  • You will get a permanent role in product-based Singapore companies, Inspius will support providing work equipment if needed.
  • Inspius ensures that the Singapore company is legitimate by checking the information of the company, the background of employers’ CTOs, tech leads, project managers, etc. 
  • Insipus guarantees and complies with labor regulations in Vietnam, and handle issues that may arise between you and the client.
  • Inspius focuses on a people-oriented culture to make sure that developers have immense opportunities to learn, grow, and be successful.

Bottom Lines

There are numerous opportunities for Vietnamese software developers in the global technology market, particularly in Singapore tech firms, that help you rapidly advance to the next level. If you have much experience in job searching and are willing to spend a lot of time scrutinizing job and company information, you may seemingly face no issues finding a proper position on job portals and LinkedIn.

If you want to find a job that you love while saving time and effort, Inspius can help. Visit our job post now to learn more!